Pieve Emanuele (MI)

About us


We are a company specialized in Waterjet cut.
Starting with this technology in 2000, we have developed a considerable experience in the processing, fast and precise, of multiple materials, even of high thickness.
We handle from very delicate glass to stainless steel, including ceramic, marble, iron, rubber, aluminum, and many other materials.
During these last 20 years, we invested much in WaterJet technology, by continuing to renew and extend our equipment.
We can fulfill, in a short time, also complex orders. We design your proposals and realize your projects.
We offer waterjet cut services for third parties. By using a very high pressure water jet (until 3600 bar), we can rapidly and precisely cut, shape, and drill every type of material, even of high thickness, without physical alterations, mechanical deformations, structural modifications and without burrs.
The use of original spare parts and first-choice abrasive allow us to work with a quality and cutting precision higher-than-average.

Our History

Ardea was born in 1993 as an artistic glass factory.
Counted among the pioneers of glass melting technique, for years our name has been linked to glass art.

Creators of stained-glass windows, design objects, furnishing products entirely made by hand, we generated unique pieces meeting our client’s needs and trying to advise them the best, with years of experience in craft world.
We are inventors of GALATTICO, an innovative material made by metallic melted glass (non-transparent), with many potentials uses in decoration and furniture fields, realized with a patented process.
Exporters of made in Italy craft quality, we have carved a position, on the Japanese market by collaborating for some time with the historical Japanese factory Rhythm Watch.
In 2000, we started working with WaterJet technology to enrich ourselves with a new cutting technique that would allow an unlimited glass processing, allowing us to give life to unprecedented artistic creations and leading us to work for some big names in interior design.

We created synergies that lead us to excel in the field, as we are able to respond to the whole productive process that goes from the translation of every kind of vector file design, to the cut, to the finished melted product. Our glasses have been installed in the whole world, in boutiques and showrooms of some important fashion brands and, especially, of luxury watchmaking.
Specialize in WaterJet glass cut (fragile and delicate material) allowed us to easily switch to the processing of numerous other materials and to enter new markets, particularly in the engineering sector.